Who is Lacy?

I haven’t always been a holistic nut. I was raised in what I thought was a healthy household, which was just my mother, sister, and I. Our meals typically consisted of a vegetable, starch and protein/meat, but that also included TV dinners or frozen meals heated up in the microwave. Looking back I wonder what additional ingredients were in the package.

My background consists of a degree in Criminology with a minor in Sociology. Later I pursued a degree in Paralegal Studies. Between school programs I decided to join the Army National Guard, you know just in case I didn’t have enough on my plate already. My passion has always been to help and protect others, Criminal Minds style of course. I thought I could do this through some type of law enforcement or possibly even law school, becoming a paralegal sent me on a detour right away.

Fast forward to about the time I returned from Army training, and I found out my family was growing  (Yay! Pregnant with my daughter!). My protectiveness shifted to my family, I had to protect them first and foremost. How was I going to do this? I had to set an example. For me this meant a couple things.

  • I wanted to be the one raising my daughter. I didn’t want to return to working 50+ hours a week as a paralegal. There had to be a better way for families to be together.
  • Health. I wanted to be more aware of mine and my husband’s health, so that we could feel our best while caring for our family. This also came to include my daughter’s health, since we would be the ones making medical decisions for her.

I have always been interested in health, however I was on the same track as many others, following the Standard American Diet (SAD), believing the guidelines were meant to be a standard for my health. Unless we are actively aware, or visiting our general physician and or/seeking advice from mainstream medical news, how will we learn about the newest natural technology affecting our health? This is my way of expanding my contribution to the community.

As a result of these feelings, I am now a Holistic Nutritionist, and a mompreneur.  Not only will I share invaluable information about health, but also my journey with fitness, life as a mom, wife, friend and positive influence. Some days I might address more than health, to include sharing the day in the life of a woman turning a house into a home and other days you might catch me in a rant about, well you’ll find out when that day comes. You’ll also find some information about my favorite foods, products and finds, more so for me to remember what I like or dislike – mommy brain exists, ok?!