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Are We Home Yet?

Our family has been fortunate to have the opportunity to travel quite a bit these last couple months.

Vacations with a toddler are much different than the times you travel with only your significant other. It’s still fun, but a different kind of fun. You get to see things through the eyes of an innocent mind.

We traveled by plane to Cabo, and only ten days after our return home to Nevada, we departed for a trip to Hawaii. The flight to Hawaii was a bit more stressful due to the length, and a conflict with our seating arrangement. We all survived happily, albeit a bit antsy.

Last weekend I was out of town for work, and this weekend we have a road trip planned. We will be driving from northern Nevada (Reno area), to Las Vegas to attend a family birthday party. A road trip with a two-year old?! Oh my!

We decided to leave around my daughter’s bedtime, stopping about halfway to stay in a town called Tonopah. Tonopah is an old mining town, and some consider it a ghost town, which I didn’t find out until we woke up the next morning. Little did I know, my husband chose a hotel that is known for having ghost activity (he claims he didn’t know).

In the morning we ate our breakfast and completed the rest of our trip (about three hours) to Vegas. Our two-year old was wonderful for the remainder of the trip! With all of this traveling, you’d think her sleep schedule would be up in the air, but we try to stick to the same bedtime each night, which alleviates the guess work for all of us.

I must say that after this weekend, I am ready to be home. We have plenty of home improvement projects to complete before baby number two arrives. I also consider myself to be a homebody. The home is my happy place, and with all of the time away, I feel as though I haven’t accomplished much in terms of my business (changing people’s health), reaching out to all of you and also the upkeep of making a house a home.

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