Clean Living Home Audit
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Clean Living Audit

Toxins aren’t a common topic of conversation. In fact when you think of toxins, you probably aren’t thinking about the ones in your home – yes, they are in your home! The Clean Living Audit helps you identify chemicals listed in the ingredients in your products.

Toxin Awareness

Environmental toxins. These are found in and out of your home. With the Clean Living Audit you will learn to recognize toxic chemicals around your laundry room, kitchen/bathroom and within your beauty products. The goal is to decrease the toxin load among your family’s environment.

Nutrition. You know I can’t leave out food quality. Food is one of the number one indicators of our health. Chemical (preservative) laden food is not food. The preservatives that make food shelf stable are chemicals and our bodies do not recognize them as food.

Off-gassing materials – think clothing, carpet and even mattresses. A great source for learning more about off-gassing and potentially harmful goods can be found through the Environmental Working Group.

Exploring Substitutes

Why do I bring up this unpopular topic? So that you can bring a conscious awareness to your health and that of your children. This is where the Clean Living Audit comes in.

After reviewing the chemicals to avoid you’ll move on to performing the audit. Start by tracking the product that you are currently using. After counting the chemicals in the ingredient deck you are supplied with a list of alternative substitutes with cleaner ingredients.

chemicals to avoid

Toxin Exposure

Do you feel toxin exposure? You can. Some ways to detect toxin exposure include (but not limited to); headaches, skin irritation, and digestion discomfort.

We are surrounded with choices that influence our family’s health – from clean water, personal care/skin products, cookware and even what we store our food and water in.

Now is the time to check out my Clean Living Audit. This Audit helps identify areas of the home where ingredients would be checked. You take a tally, and safer ingredient alternatives are provided.

With the Clean Living Audit you will also receive a 30 minute consult with me, Lacy! We’ll work together to give your home a cleanse!

After purchasing your Clean Living Audit, schedule your free 30-min Wellness Breakthrough call here!