My family and I are in California visiting family before we leave for vacation. That means I was able to go work out at my favorite gym with my favorite trainer. The trainer/instructor is best known for his boot camp and HIIT classes.

This morning he addressed nutrition, and darn it, I wish I could have recorded what he shared with the woman’s class. In sum, and this probably won’t do him any justice, but I’ll attempt… He has been tracking his own weight loss and nutrition for all to see, however, he made it known that the way he cuts weight for a vacation is much different than simply eating healthy. His experience consists of many (30+) years as a trainer, and he is a former body builder. His current nutrition pattern is that of a typical bodybuilder so that he can ‘prep’ for vacation.

What I appreciated about what he was sharing is that healthy nutrition shouldn’t be measured with a scale. Too often, we – women and men alike, focus on the number on the scale. Rather than tracking calories and watching what we eat, it’s simple we need to eat clean and nutritious to fuel our bodies. He even addressed the differences we’ll feel as we age. It’s harder to lose weight. It’s harder to gain muscle. (What?! You didn’t realize that is one of the bonuses of aging?) In order to be healthy, and stay healthy, as we age, nutrition has to be a top priority. If we put unhealthy foods into our bodies, how do you think we’re going to feel? Probably not the best that we are meant to.

The point of my story, and the point he reiterated? Health starts from within. We need to nourish ourselves through proper nutrition (fuel), and we’ll then see the results on the outside. The weight will come off. Trust the process, and remember to build the engine from the inside out.

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