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Happy Anniversary!… Now Help Me with the Kids

(photo credit: Little Betty Photography)

First thing this morning I walk in the kitchen and much to my surprise, a spider web crosses my face and floats through my eye. Now, I could have let this set the tone for the day but I chose not to.

Now most of us know that kids, at any age, aren’t easy but today was one that put me to the test. I will say I’m quite impressed with how well I kept my cool. The only time I slightly freaked out was when my toddler pushed my 10 month old.

I didn’t even freak out when I opened up the door to go outside, where my toddler was already stationed, to find that she was “soaking wet” from her water table. Not a minute goes by and the truth comes out, she had an accident… well, I’m already wearing the youngest, so I might as well go outside as planned. The simple fix? Hose her off of course, while lecturing her (in toddler terms) why we don’t lie. Mommy would rather hear honesty and clean up an accident than be lied to. Are you with me?

After the outdoor shower, we return inside to find fresh (dry) clothes. As soon as we walk through the door we’re faced with two bulldogs that decided to chew up crayons from a crayon box that was left on the floor. Still baby wearing the youngest, I pick up the larger pieces before heading to the Dyson to vacuum the remaining pieces off the dog bed.

Fortunately, the next few hours of the afternoon were fairly uneventful. It wasn’t until early evening, preceding dinner, that the girls went into meltdown mode. Baby K (toddler) didn’t get her way, so she decided to hit Daddy’s commuter car with her stainless steel water bottle. Again, you’d be impressed with my reaction, and that of my husband. Little Llama decided to fight nap time, so Hubby and I decided to take a drive, to get take out.

What I failed to mention was that today is our anniversary. Married five years.

(photo credit: Little Betty Photography)

Initially, I planned to book a couples massage and have an early dinner/late lunch. Plans, however, just didn’t work out, as we couldn’t find a sitter. What I will say is I am not entirely disappointed. Don’t get me wrong a massage and an uninterrupted adult meal sounds like heaven. But when I look at the smiling faces of our daughters I see beauty, happiness, love and an array of other feelings that warm my soul.

The moral of the story is this… my day started off rough. I HATE spiders, although my tolerance for them is much higher now that I have kids. Bring on the bravery. (And as a side note, I found the spider, he was BIG.)

Anyways, moral of the story is YOU have a choice in how your day is going to turn out. You may face challenges, you may have a hard time communicating your feelings, you may want to scream at times, and that’s ok. However, next time try to look on the bright side. Try to laugh when something doesn’t fall perfectly into place. Take a breath of fresh air. Nope, this won’t solve all your problems, but it will remind you that these little things won’t haunt you forever.

Our time is undervalued, so be sure to remind yourself that the mess can be cleaned up, and you won’t remember it.
Dogs will be dogs, but you better believe when you’re upset they’ll be the first ones by your side providing the best comfort possible.
What you will remember are the smiles, the laughs and even the life lessons that you teach your kids along the way, and more importantly what they teach you.

Happy Anniversary to us. Love, we are truly the luckiest couple I know.

EDIT: I knew I was forgetting another challenging moment that took place during the day (see how quickly we forget?!). After cleaning the chewed up crayons, and before heading upstairs to find dry clothes, I was nursing Llama in the carrier, and she BIT me. Not the first time I’ve been bit, however this time I literally checked for blood. It HURT. Oh just one of those days… that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

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