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I’m Not…

With the various blogs and social media accounts that I see or even follow, there are a couple things I notice. The first is that it looks like these bloggers are freakin’ photographers! That I am not!

I realize most of what I post revolves around nutrition and food, so that means our meals should be easy to photograph? Psh, sure if you remember! I made banana zucchini walnut muffins two days ago… Do you think I took a picture of them? Nope. I forgot and crumbs are all that remain.

The second thing is, although I am a nutritionist, what I am not, is a “cook”. Sure, I would love to write my own cookbook, but let’s be real, most of the recipes I prepare are borrowed, and SOMETIMES tweaked. When I say sometimes, I mean rarely, because I am one of those people who follows a recipe to the T.

Don’t get me wrong, in the future I would love to partner with someone to publish a cookbook, but that is not in the near future. Don’t forget, I have a toddler and one on the way! I’m lucky I have the time to prepare these posts, and I still have a bucket full of drafts that I need to revise and publish.

So for now, bear with me and my mediocre food pictures and my borrowed recipes, which I’ll reference the source of!