New Seat, please!

This past weekend I had to travel for work. Let me tell you, by the time Sunday comes, I cannot wait to go home!

As I waited for my flight, everything started off great, I met a nice woman who was also flying to Reno. We had great conversation about her family. She has five kids and more than half of them work in the medical field as doctors with various specialities. Talk about good genes!

We noticed the way technology has taken off and changed the way society functions. We discussed how Southwest Airlines tends to change gates more often than not, as well as the slight lack of confidence we have in connecting flights.

She even brought me along to pre-board with her. She was so very kind. We both sat in the front row, her by the window and myself in the isle seat. The flight was less than half full, but for some reason a gentleman decided to seat himself in the middle of us. (WTF?!)

Without saying a word, you could see what the two of us were thinking. I caught a wiff of a familiar, yet non welcoming scent. As we received the safety brief from the flight attendants said gentleman decides to utilize the laboratory…

Flight attendants had to knock on the door to inform him it was time for take off. Evidentially he wasn’t feeling well… come to find out that unwelcoming scent was the booze seeping out of his pores. He was kindly given a garbage bag, just in case.

The gentleman profusely apologizes to my new friend and I, because this is not like him. He had attended his friend’s funeral, and in doing so consumed way TOO much alcohol. Apparently given to him by the family of his late friend.

The flight was delayed due to some luggage that needed to be squared away. While this was taking place, the gentleman next to me begins opening up his garbage bag and I think to myself, oh great. He couldn’t find the opening!! I caught myself contemplating whether or not to help him, or move to a safer row. (I helped him open the bag, then quickly stood up.)

Let’s just say I went from sitting in the first row to the 14th row. Good thing the flight from Oakland to Reno is only 30 minutes. What a trip!

2 thoughts on “New Seat, please!”

  1. Oh my goodness! What a horrible experience. Stinky people are no bueno. At least he apologized. I think.

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