Clean Living Audit


Give your home a cleanse with this Clean Living Audit. You’ll learn how to recognize common chemicals throughout the home, track which products in your home currently “house” chemicals and identify cleaner substitutes that will reduce the toxic load for you and your family.


In this Clean Living Audit you’ll find a list of some common chemicals to avoid throughout your home. When performing this Clean Living Audit  you will go through your house including; kitchen & bath, laundry room, and beauty products. List your current product and check whether any of the listed chemicals are included on the ingredient deck.
Included *bonuses* are Make Your Own Fruit & Veggie Cleaner and Body Butter recipes.

Additionally, you’ll find a list of clean product substitutes. At the end you’ll add up your toxic load score. To learn more about how you can continue to cleanse your home, schedule a consult with Lacy – Schedule now!

Enjoy learning how to decrease your toxic load with this Clean Living Audit!



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