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It’s never easy for me to leave my family for the weekend, but duty calls. For some reason I didn’t think my emotions would get the best of me, but what do you know, they did! I think it was because my daughter was upset as I said goodbye. Until now, I don’t think she understood the times I left.

Fortunately, I was only away for 3 nights. I am indebted to those who have to spend months at a time away from their family.

I consider myself very lucky, because I don’t have to leave my family during the week. I work from home and I set my own hours (you can do this as well!).

Speaking of working from home, this past weekend my company had a Global Convention. This is one of our major events that takes place during the year. Social media (I swear it’s a blessing and a curse) kept me up to date with the events that were taking place, and the support my team was granted. I’ll admit I was envious of my business partners that were able to attend!

These events are extremely motivating, and not only do you collect a tremendous amount of invaluable information, but you’re surrounded by people who are encouraging and inspiring. These people want to see others succeed, and they do all that they can to lift one another to their highest potential.

I am grateful to be part of a supportive and generous team of business partners. We all look out for one another. That is the way business should be.

Our mission is to impact lives, and although I couldn’t attend the convention in person, I am reminded that my soul purpose is to do just that. Changing the way people live their lives through better health and financial freedom is a gift. We can do this as long as we link arms and remind those around us that, there is a better way.