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A Day in the Life of a Stay at Home Mom

Proceed with caution: post may include language regarding a ‘crap’ filled day.

In another life I thought to myself, “Wow, stay at home moms, what do they do all day?!” This was obviously before I had kids.

I never spent a lot of time around kids, only my nieces, here and there. Even then, an overnight stay with a three year old wasn’t that bad… from what I recall. So I didn’t have a clue what children were really like.

Now, I think back to all my friends who had kids before me, and I owe them a HUGE apology. I can think of one friend in particular that I used to visit, following the arrival of her baby girl, and she made it look so easy. Knowing what I know now, I would have done all that I could to help her out. Live and learn, right?

So today, wait let’s start from the beginning… last night, little Llama had an upset tummy…all night. She could not get comfortable and she did not want to nurse. Oh I forgot, baby K decided that she wasn’t going to sleep well either. Instead of her middle of the night awakening, she woke around 10:30 (was it even that late?). Poor daddy had to tend to her restlessness. Fast forward to this morning, baby K was needier than ever. Getting ready for gymnastics was a battle. And band aids? According to a toddler, putting one on is as horrible as amputating a limb.

Around lunch time was when things really started to get interesting. I sat Kapris on the counter (don’t judge), so that she could help me make cashew milk and her cashew cheese “nacho” on pita bread. A few pieces of shredded cheese miss the pita and are quickly eaten by the bulldogs, otherwise everything is going smoothly.

…until Llama needs her diaper changed, then it’s game on. As I laid her down on the changing table, I hear something in the kitchen hit the floor (don’t worry it wasn’t loud enough to be a toddler). I asked baby K what it was… “My cashew milk Mama. My cashew milk.”

Uh oh. I have already unzipped Llama’s Inchworm Alley onesie to find a complete blow out. I quickly picked her up and took her to the the kitchen where I find Mango attempting to lick cashew milk up from the floor. I herd both dogs into the other room, so they cannot continue inhaling the cashew goodness on the floor. Then I return to the changing table where I strip Llama down and realize this is a bigger job than a package of wipes can handle. She needs to be rinsed off. I take her into the kitchen where I spray her off under the faucet in the sink (that’s how bad it was), and she loved it! What an afternoon.

The lessons here:

  • Motherhood is not easy. It is unexpected and eventful. Not for the faint of heart.
  • It does not get easier just because the kids get older. I feel like everyone offers to help with a newborn. Umm… can I take a raincheck? Save it for when baby is about 6 months old; going through growth spurts, sleep regression and stomach development.
  • Take a deep breath. Initially I thought I was going to break. But when everything goes to shit (literally), you plan. Strategize. Triage. Whatever it takes to pick up the pieces and carry on.

Additionally, my message in writing (typing) this, is that motherhood may look easy from the outside, but it’s not. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Each and every day I realize how fortunate I am to be able to stay home with my little ones. With the support of my husband, I work flexible hours from a home based business that allows for me to help others while caring for my family. Who can beat that?!

So just remember, when you see that mom that looks put together (better yet, the mom that is falling apart at the seams), you never know what she went through just to get her and the kids out of the house!

Side note: if you accidentally delete an entry from your notes on your iPhone – shake it (not your booty, your phone), it’ll give you the option to undo. Thankfully.

P.S. I had to come back to edit to add that the next morning I came downstairs to a puppy with explosive diarrhea. Talk about a full blown shituation (credit goes to my clever friend who summed up the two, er three days).

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  1. I was talking about this exact subject with a friend. I said that it looks so nice to be a stay at home mom and get to go for a leisurely run in the morning. Wow, that couldn’t be farther from the truth! I am eating my words!🎂

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