Let food be your medicine

Holistic Nutritionist

What in the world is a Holistic Nutritionist? A nutritionist that is (hold on while I Google holistic)…well I’m stumped!

There are so many diets, regimens and meal plans to follow, but how am I supposed to know which one is right for ME? Here’s my take on things…

I work off evidence-based findings. You’ll see under the ‘Things I Love’ tab, that I am slowly adding websites and books, that I reference in order to provide people with the answers they are seeking (sometimes unknowingly).

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I favor whole foods and plant-based nutrition. Don’t worry you don’t need to leave just yet. I realize that this type of nutrition may not be the preferred lifestyle for everyone, so I do work to accommodate individual preferences.

I enjoy educating people on ways to increase their health to an optimal level, yet I tend to share this information with those that are truly wanting to make a change. What you won’t find me doing is force feeding my lifestyle upon people. BUT if I do hear a common misconception being discussed I will chime in to contribute my knowledge on the topic.

I chose to eliminate animal products, dairy, and some other foods based on preference. If people have questions about my lifestyle, I’ll gladly share it with them. Did you know that the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics states that well-planned vegetarian diets can be nutritionally adequate and provide many health benefits?

When it comes to our health, I think we forget to focus on prevention. Then when it is too late (usually), we react. Did you know there are cases of disease that have been reversed through nutrition? Yes, it’s possible. The most optimal health is possible, we just have to know how to utilize the food, nutrition and natural compounds available.

So what are whole foods? In short, unprocessed foods. When foods are processed, most of the vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients are stripped or altered. This leaves our body unable to break down the food or utilize the food for energy as a way to reach our optimal health.

In addition to the intake of nutrient rich whole foods, for optimal physical health, our mind needs to be in a healthy state. If we’re constantly battling our own food choices, feeling guilty, and facing stress, then nutrients will only partially and temporarily benefit us.

The issue is that people are so accustomed to the Standard American Diet (SAD, coincidence?), and traditions that have evolved over time, that they are not willing to change the foods they eat. It is too extreme…

Ending up on the table for coronary bypass surgery isn’t extreme? You decide!